2 Avril 2015


Publications sur les Instruments

  • Principle of a dual-band search coil magnetometer: a new instrument to investigate magnetic fields fluctuation in space.
    C. Coillot, J. Moutoussamy, G. Chanteur,
    Sensors, 2007 IEEE, Volume, Issue, 28-31 Oct. 2007 Page(s): 922-925.
  • The Radio Waves and Thermal Electrostatic Noise Spectroscopy (SORBET) Experiment on BEPICOLOMBO/MMO/PWI: Scientific Objectives and Performance.
    Moncuquet, Michel, H Matsumoto, Jean-Louis Bougeret, Lars G Blomberg, Karine Issautier, Yasumasa Kasaba, H Kojima, Milan Maksimovic, Nicole Meyer-Vernet, and Philippe Zarka. 2006,
    Adv. Space. Res. 38: 680-685, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2006.01.020