December 10, 2023

MPO Instruments

To study Mercury's surface, interior, exosphere and magnetosphere, the MPO orbiter payload comprises:

  • a set of imagers (SIMBIO-SYS) comprising a high-resolution camera, a stereoscopic camera and a visible and near-infrared spectrometer (VIHI)
  • a thermal infrared spectrometer and radiometer (MERTIS)
  • a laser altimeter (BELA)
  • a UV spectrometer (PHEBUS)
  • two X-ray spectrometers and a solar particle detector (MIXS and SIXS)
  • a neutron and gamma ray spectrometer (MGNS)
  • a magnetometer (MERMAG)
  • a neutral and ionized particle analyser (SERENA)
  • a radio science experiment and an accelerometer (MORE and ISA)

The mass and power allocations for this payload are limited to 60 Kg and 100 W.